Solo journey in Coron, Palawan

Posted on May 09, 2020

Last updated on May 09, 2022

I have no words about Coron. It is very beautiful place and I would like to go back next year just so I can save money to buy an action camera.

I visited Mt. Tapyas, walked around Coron Town Proper, bathed in the Maniquit Hotspring and lastly, traveled around the Coron Island: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Sunset Beach, Skeleton Wreck, CYC Beach, and Coral Garden. I really enjoyed my trip and my last day I just spent the almost the whole day at the hotel relaxing after such a trip. The best thing about doing solo trips is you are not bound by any constraint whether you are saving money for the trip or splurging for food.

A trivial trivia for travelers: Coron Town Proper is in Busuanga Island. Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake and other tourists spots are in the Coron Island.

Path to Mt. Tapyas
The cats at the top of Mt. Tapyas
Summit view from Mt. Tapyas
Peak of Mt. Tapyas seen from the town
The sea side of Coron Town Proper
The boats along the sea side of Coron Town Proper
Maquinit Hot Spring
View of Coron Island from Maquinit Hot Spring
Maquinit Hot Spring has tables and cottages
Capturing the Coron Island
Kayangan Lake
Barracuda Lake
Kayangan Lake View Deck
Boats parked outside the Kayangan Lake
Resting under a cottage in Sunset Beach
Dog resting on top of the boat in Skeleton Wreck
Fishes in the Skeleton Wreck
Swimming on top of the Coral Garden
The other side of the Twin Lagoon
Sunset in Coron