Photographs of Dubai 2022

Posted on December 31, 2022

Dubai, UAE is a fascinating diverse city located at the Persian Gulf. It is very popular destination for tourists for its architecture, food, diverse culture and luxurious lifestyle.

Dubai is a hot and arid destination but a lot of the desert land has been repurposed with different fauna. A lot of the activities happen at night when the city is cools down from the day. Shops are open until 12 midnight so you can stroll and drink a few tea in the streets. As much as the city took on liberal values, it is still fairly conservative where alcohol are not sold in the city.

What's fascinating is the diversity of the population. Majority of the population either come from India or Pakistan. Dubai is also a popular work destination for Filipinos so I did see a lot of them around.

Around Dubai Creek and the city

Birds in Dubai Creek
Parked boats in Dubai Creek
Passengers crossing Dubai creak using an abra, small motorized water taxis
Mohammed bin Rashid Library
Full moon at Dubai Creek

The Palm Jumeirah

Tram to the Palm Jumeirah
Altantis, The Palm
Altantis, The Palm at Night
Altantis, The Royal

Burj Khalifa

Scenic view from the Burj Khalifa's at the top
Posing in the Dubai Fountain
Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, at night.

Desert Safari

Falcon and Falconer
Desert landscape in Dubai
Desert Safari late at the afternoon
Watching a belly dance performance during the desert safari tour

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach at Night
Sunset at Jumeirah Beach

I have visited from November 2 to 10, 2022 for 8 days.

I traveled around the Dubai Creek, Gold Souk, the Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Ain Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and did a Desert Safari tour. I haven't been to the Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Frame, Burj Al Arab and Expo City due to time constraints but something I could do someday.

Also, Dubai trains are cool, in a literal sense that the station is airconditioned. Good way to cool down after walking for some minutes from time to time.

Dubai is also an expensive city to stay in due to the cost of living but there are cheaper options in food. Also, the food is served in large portions.

Overall, I enjoyed Dubai for its food and architecture despite the arid climate of the area and expensive cost of living.

PS. I am too lazy to write about my travels this year. I'll reserve my remaining energy to write things for the next year.