Nasugbu and Tagaytay for three days

Posted on April 17, 2022

It has been a while since I have written a blog post so this may be a bit incoherent but I'll keep the flow as readable as possible. Also, I'll skip a few things.

Nasugbu, Batangas is known for its beaches and mountainuous terrain outside of the Manila Bay. There are two ways to go to Nasugbu town proper from Metro Manila - via Kaybiang and via Aguinaldo Highway then through the Nasugbu road in the west. We opt for the bus going through the Kaybiang tunnel because it was the easiest option in the PITX terminal in Paranaque. PITX is huge transport hub inside NCR. Feels like an airport by aggregating almost all land-based public transportation. And it has a second floor.

By the way, PITX means Paranaque Intergrated Terminal Exchange. I just do not get the last word "Exchange". Maybe it was added because having the letter X at the end of an acronym looks cool. My answer is probably because saying PIT is worse than not.

This is my first time traveling after 2 years of pandemic and lockdowns and I am not familiar anymore using my camera. It's been a while really. No, it has been a really, really long time.

We stayed in Canyon Cove for 3 days and 2 nights without hiccups. The apartment we stayed is not spacious but it is very comfortable with a beachfront view. However, seaweeds bloomed in the sea for about two or three meters away from the beach. We did not swim in the sea but just dip our toes in warm water of Nasugbu. Just being able to breath sea breeze for a very long time is such a gift after so many days of waiting.

Canyon cove is huge but a bit full of abandoned apartments and some parts are still under construction but regardless, the place was full of people. There was one pool shared by other people just above the beach, it is big enough to support most likely 30 people at the same time without looking crowded. It was a lovely and high-spirited atmosphere for me despite my dispproval of traveling in the crowd before the pandemic. There were people who brought their grilling equipment and the nice smell of the charred beef and pork is something I look forward to try but we didn't have one.

Anyway, just being able to see and glance at people enjoying their summer vacation is a great way for me to start the remaining months of year as well.

The beachfront of Canyon Cove
The beachfront of Canyon Cove
The beachfront of Canyon Cove
Coconut trees in the beach
View of sunset

Flowers of the Philippines

I have tried to capture some good shots of the flowers I find in the way. Bougainvillea and Yellow Bell are really popular flowers here and I wish I could take more photos of nature because they are genuine, beautiful and alluring.

But I can only enjoy a fleeting moment of relaxation before going back to work. Here are a few photos.

Yellow Bell

Lunch at Bag of Beans with Taal Volcano view

At our last day, we had a great lunch at Bag of Beans with a fantastic view of Taal volcano. Our lunch was delicious matched with brewed coffee and cheese cake. It was a bit expensive though but it is enough to satisfy my appetite for something new.

I took a few photos of Taal at varying zoom levels. It was a sight to behold after spouting ash. It was active just 6 days ago but it was luckily calm when we went there. I enjoyed my short vacation for 3 days without hiccups.

What I really hope is for the pandemic to be over, not just in the Philippines, so we can enjoy the things we need to do.

Taal Volcano seen from the decks of Tagaytay
Taal Volcano seen from the decks of Tagaytay
Taal Volcano seen from the decks of Tagaytay

I have kept this story short just to practice my casual writing back again on its tracks. Normally, I write technical documentation in my work but it is also a good idea to write about something else. Almost four years since I stopped writing about travel so may be this is the year for its revival. A new section has open for life, full of creative ideas and adventures. A lifelong renaissance.